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Daily news with the latest developments, news, interviews, discussions with international correspondents and commentators analyzing the major environmental news in Brazil and the world. The most comprehensive worldwide Eco-journalism.

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Up to seven-day weather forecasts in major cities and countries of the world; daily pollution level conditions; planetary Bulletin Listings on agribusinesses, eco-security markets and climatological alerts. The most accurate worldwide meteorological information on Pay-TV, Internet and all existing convergent medias, via Smartphones and tablets.

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Amazon AgriNews


A dynamically targeted news channel,100% dedicated to the world’s agribusiness, covering major markets on all continents (USA, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Australia, the Euro-Zone, Japan, Mexico, Argentina ) Indexes, Quotes, Market, Production, Education, Technology, Innovation, Management, and Logistics.

Indicators, Agrinews & Rural Tele Education

Amazon KIDS

” Here, Nature is our biggest character

Educational stories, jokes, games, music, theater, arts, children’s pocket shows and much more

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Within the programming grid of THE AMAZON CHANNEL, with Marzio Fiorini’s signature.
The latest trends of the GREEN FASHION world, combined with modern design, bold and creative pieces. Interviews, workshops, parades. Marzio will point the paths of sustainable fashion.

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Phitoterapy and its benefits. Tips to orient and help the family to adopt a natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Amazon Store

Amazon STORE

A channel exclusively dedicated to the worldwide sale of sustainable and overall Green Products, certified by companies, organizations, institutions and the various indigenous peoples of the region.Income will be earmarked to projects for the preservation and conservation of the Amazon and training of local labor aimed at stimulating continuous sustainable work and actions.

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A direct link to innovation through new technologies, ranging from sustainable raw materials to new methods and plants, aimed at a responsible attitude towards Nature. Herbal Bioscience, Eco-Medicine and it’s benefits for healing. Never-before-seen Green Therapies.

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Amazon Science
Amazon Wildlife & Nature


Nature and Man co-existing in an environment that must be harmonic, sustainable and protected.

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The Amazonic cuisine is rich, uncomplicated and fun, with colourful, exotic and delicious dishes. It includes the Indian, African and European culinary traditions, using fruits, spices and freshwater fishery from the local watershed. Weekly on your screen.

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Amazon Cuisine
Amazon Sports


Comprehensive worldwide sports coverage promoting athletes’ and the public’s attitude towards Eco-sustainable and social sportive practices aimed at a peaceful and humanitarian way of life.

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A thrilling audiovisual documentary platform promoting the activities of the Brazilian and other Amazon bordering countries’ Governments in assisting indigenous people along the rivers, waterways and forests of the Amazon Region, as well as the state-of-the-art jungle defense and training programs.

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Amazon Forest Guardians

Local and International content

The best worldwide

The first worldwide cable TV channel fully committed to Envirinmental Preservation, Ecology, Sustainability and the Green Cause, with global coverage, via major Pay-TV Programmers, Distributors and Operators, telecom Providers, Mobile Devices and Convergent Medias.

Competence Analysis

Amazon Channel Television

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Opportunity! Why invest?

  • Perfect timing – Themes of the moment around the world: Sustainability, Preservation and socio environmental awareness
  • Unique channel in the world able to integrate contents in several areas of sustainability
  • Pay-TV market experiencing strong growth curve (20%/y)
  • New rules for Pay-TV in Brazil (Law 12.485) creating a mandatory national content quota
  • Strong institutional and financial support worldwide
  • Easy integration and global distribution in full HD / ultra HD and convergent medias
  • Themes of permanent interest in all social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook)

Calling Foundation

The Amazon Calling Foundation – Management of pro-active undertakings and donations aimed at sustainable social assistance in the Amazon and other ecologically devastated areas around the world. Our goal is to consolidate a huge national and international volunteering movement for the cause of the Amazon and for global Sustainability.

Sustainability Awards

The Amazon Channel will offer an annual Sustainability AWARD, recognizing all sectors of the civil society and organizations that work on improving environmental management, innovative practices, prevention of pollution and conservation of natural resources, such as control of energy consumption, water use management, product and material recycling and “Green Projects”, in the following areas: Governments, Companies, Communities, Universitie, Schools, Institutions, NGO’s, Foundations, People

Volunteer Reporters

Teams of reporters in local communities formed by The Amazon Channel, working all over the world, using modern mobile technologies to convey unique news reports and content material focused on environmental and sustainability issues in real time, with full access to convergent mobile media.

Amazon Science

A direct link to innovation through new technologies, ranging from sustainable raw materials to new methods and plants, aimed at a responsible attitude towards Nature. Herbal Bioscience, Eco-Medicine and it’s benefits for healing. Never-before-seen Green Therapies.